Yia Yia Mary - Your Virtual Greek Grandmother

Sometimes humor is the best way to communicate.   If we can laugh together, we are more likely to remember the humor and the message.

"Who is Yia Yia Mary?" — That is the most popular question we get with this ad campaign. Her mysterious identity will remain confidential right now. Like a real Greek grandmother, your virtual Yia Yia has words of wisdom with fun and humor added in!

Papou shows up from time to time with his Greek grandfatherly advice too...

[Baywalk Marketing promotion]
[Papou says Happy Father's Day!]
[Papou says get Inland Empire Greek Fest's Kleftiko Lamb dinner!]
[Yia Yia Mary's Charm School]
[Date night ruined? Next time find a caterer who delivers!]
[Tinseltown honors Papou!]
[Papou's ratings and advertising power are up!]
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